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Tourer and Open Tourer




Cabrio, Cabriolet or Convertible


Jensen has made a lot of bodytypes. We concentrate here on the convertibles.

To make it easy, we consider every car with a top that can be folded or folded down as a convertible.


Until the 1950s an open car was a Tourer.

Later on we spoke of a Convertible.


Jensen used the following designatios:

Tourer & Drophead for S- & H-Type and PW

Cabriolet and Convertible for the (Early) Interceptor

Convertible for theJensen Interceptor, Jensen-Healey and the S-V8


Wikipedia can give your more info about tourers, touring cars, all-weather tourers,

drophead coupés, roadster, convertibles, cabrio's, coupé de villes and so on.


Jensen also offered Sedanca body types
























A Sedanca car has a roof that can be folded down above the front seats,

so the rear seats stay covered.

Some Sedanca's have also the possibility

to fold down the compartiment above the rear seats.


Looking at the Jensen make,

nearly all of the Jensen types have some kind of convertible.

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Jensen S-Type Drop Head Coupé

hood folded as Sedanca

1935 - 1939


Jensen Interceptor Sedanca INT 76 5125


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