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Jensen Brochure Pages

Interceptor Convertible (1974 - 1976)

Interceptor Coupé (1975 - 1976)

Interceptor Fixed Head (1987)

Brochure Jensen Interceptor Convertible

1 page double sided


Specification sheet Jensen Interceptor Convertible

1 page single sided


Brochure Interceptor convertible

reprint "Motor Trend"

4 pages


Brochure Jensen cars

1 page double sided

3 fold


Brochure Jensen Interceptor -  embosed cover

convertible on page 6 and 7

20 pages, cover pages included - page 19 with possibility to insert specification sheets



introduction wooden dash interior

1 page single sided


Brochure Jensen Interceptor S4

1 page single sided


Small photo of

Jensen Convertible S4

given with brochure

1985 - 1991

Portfolio Jensen S4 including:

Added lettre

Busness card

Brochure Jensen Interceptor S4 1 page single sided - 1984

Introducing the Interceptor S4 4 pages single sided sales information- Feb. 1986

Presentation folder map: winred lacquered with silver print (two different edition)

from 1986 on

Brochure Jensen Interceptor S4 (Walnut brochure)

8 pages (transparant included)

Convertible on page 6 and 7


Brochure Jensen introducing FacPac

4 pages + 1 insert page single sided  (insert = picture the right)

The walnut brochure was (sometimes) offered to potential customers in a winered portofolio

including the walnut brochure, the FacPac brochure,

a "with complements" card, a picture of the S4 convertible

and a 2-colour 4 page technical specification folder

Brochure Jensen Interceptor S4 (French edition)

3 fold portfolio with 13 insert,

11 single sided papers and 2 photographs

on the right: price list for saloon (FHC) - convertible (DHC) and FF option

October 1990

Brochure Jensen Interceptor Fixed Head

1 page single sided