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Tony Bailey wrote an article in JOC issue 144 of 1999, the second JOC issue on A4.

On page 16 of this issue he writes about an other facet of the Jensen hobby:

colllecting brochures (see article).

Jensen Brochure Collecting by Tony Bailey 


if you have the car and you are a little bit an addict,

then you want of the car the following items:

the sales brochure(s)

the pricelist

the instuction handbook

the workshop and shop manual


There is no stop: scale models, Jensen magazines, car magazines, memorabilia / automobilia.

In the chart below you find the way to some brochures of Jensen cars.

If you have other brochures than those on the specific page,

we should be glad to hear from you and recieve a scan of the brochure.

You can always contact us.