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Volvo P1800

In 1959 the Volvo P1800 was made in England.

The body shells were made by Pressed Steel, assembling and finishing by Jensen.

In 1963 the production of the P1800 (P from Personvagn) was moved to Sweden and named P1800S (S for Sweden).

The Volvo P1800's made by Jensen were the ones with the upturned "cowhorn" bumpers.

Lots of diecast models of the Volvo P1800 and P1800S have been made by different companies.

We will only give a picture of the modelcars made by the diecast companies who also made Jensen diecast models.

Corgi, Enco / Tin Wizard, Marque Models, Neo, Norev, Oxford, Spot-On are / were companies

making scale models of Jensens cars and the Volvo P1800 made by Jensen .

List of all Volvo P1800 scale models:


Volvo P1800 by Enco/Tin Wizard

in red 1:43

in white 1:43 - ©

Volvo P1800 by Corgi Toys

Whizzwheels - 1:46

Volvo P1800 by Norev


Volvo P1800 by Corgi Toys

1:46 - ©

Dinky Toys was also making a Volvo P1800S.

The Volvo P1800S (S for Sweden)

was not made by Jensen (no "cowhorn" bumpers)

Volvo P1800 by Neo

in red 1:43 - ©

in creme 1:43 - ©

Volvo P1800 by Spot-On


Volvo P1800 by Oxford


Volvo P1800 by Marque Models


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