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Jensen Convertible Pages

1935 - 2005

The Convertible Pages

Jensen Motors, established in 1935, has been making cars until 1976.

During this period convertibles were made.

The best known convertibles during this period were the Interceptor and the Jensen-Healey.

Between 1983 and 1992 Jensen Cars LTD was making the Jensen Interceptor S4.

9 Jensen Interceptor S4 convertibles were made.

In this meantime some older Convertibles we updated to S4 specifications.

Between 2000 and 2005 the Jensen S-V8 convertible was build.

Now we have the Jensen Interceptor S and R,

both based on exisitng Interceptor chassises

On these pages we look for the still existing convertibles made under the Jensen make.

We also look for convertions to convertible on an original Jensen chassis.

Some explanation about our understanding of "convertible"

In the tabel here under you can select a Jensen type and look

if there were / are convertibles made of this type of Jensen.