Interceptor convertibles 1966 1976

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Jensen Interceptor Convertible 1966 - 1976

Jensen Interceptor 1966 - 1976

Total Jensen Interceptor production: 6387 build between september 1966 and may 1976

MK I:   1024 - only saloons

MK II : 1128 - only saloons

MK III: saloons, convertibles, SP's and coupés:      MK III Saloon:          ± 4255

MK III Coupé:           ± 46

MK III SP:                ± 232

                           MK III Convertible:   ± 512

We have splitted up the VIN's of the convertibles in different blocs.

Be aware of the fact that cars with a VIN beginning with 9000 are earlier build cars than those beginning with 1000.

   VIN not found? see also MK I, MK II or MK III convertions or let us know.

Looking for your VIN? See tabel below.


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By the years we have a lot of Jensen Interceptor Convertible pictures.

On some pictures we have the convertible with registrationplate.

On other pictures we have convertibles with no registrationplate.

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Thanks to Richard Calver and his databook we were able to make the following list of VIN numbers.


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